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Laser Physiotherapy

Laser therapy and its modifications (vacuum and/or magnetic laser therapy) is safe and painless, provide analgesic and regenerative effects. It is often appointed as a part of a complex treatment of acute and chronic diseases, i.e. professional, during preparations for the primary treatment, for rehabilitation after operations, injuries and heavy states to prevent recurrences.

LATON laser systems are designed for percutaneous and intracavitary therapy and prophylaxis with red and infrared radiation through a fiber-optic light guides and tools. The method of exposure is based on the therapeutic effect of low-intensity laser radiation. Configurations based on LATON  laser module are universal therapeutic lasers. Changeable fiber optic tools allows appliance in various fields: dentistry, dermatology, cosmetology, urology, gynecology, acupuncture, prophylaxis and treatment of occupational diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

 Области применения терапевтических лазеров  Рекомендуемые лазерные аппараты  Методическая и техническая поддержка