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LATON Laser SystemsLATON Laser Systems

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Designed for percutaneous and luminal therapy and prophylaxis. Provides red and infrared radiation through a fiber optic tools.

The method is based on therapeutic effect of low-intensity laser radiation on biological tissues. Laser kits based on LATON module are universal therapeutic lasers. Appropriate fiber optic tools can be used  for various applications.

Fields of application:

  • Vacuum laser therapy: osteochondrosis, neuritis and neuralgia, myositis and myalgia, bursitis, tendovaginitis, epicondylitis, skin and vascular pathologies etc.
  • Machine cosmetology: dermatitis, eczema, herpes, seborrhea, furunculosis, acne, cellulite, hair strengthening, thermal and sun burns, skin wilting, allergies, antiseptization
  • Percutaneous and  intravenous blood  irradiation
  • Otolaryngology: rhinitis (acute, chronic), tonsillitis, nasopharyngitis, otitis, laryngotracheitis, face and nose furunculosis, pharyngitis etc.
  • Dentistry: stomatitis, sialoadenitis, parodontosis, alveolitis, decay, arthritis, arthritis of temporomandibular joint, laser therapy before filling, jaw fractures
  • Gynecology: colpitis, endocervicitis, salpingoophoritis, salpingitis, cervical erosion,  kraurosis, vulvitis, endometritis, mastitis, urethritis, bartholinitis etc.
  • Urology: urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, orchitis, epididymitis, male infertility, prostatic hypertrophy, prostatodynia
  • Other applications: dermatology, orthopedics, acupuncture, traumatology, sports medicine etc

Main advantages of LATON lasers:

  •  Versatility: various optical tools and adjustable functional specifications enable different applications
  • Continuous or modulated laser emission
  • Changeable wavelengths, power, frequency
  • Kits for magnetic laser therapy, laser acupuncture, vacuum laser therapy
  • Kits for intravenous and non-invasive (percutaneous) laser blood irradiation
  • Increased reliability and electrical safety, for diodes are located inside apparatus
  • Compact, nice-looking, easy to operate
  • No special requirements for working room
  • Short pay back (3-4 months at an average)


  • Free warranty maintenance for 12 months from the date of sale
  • Post-warranty service
  • Instalment purchase
  • Training facilities